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The Immediate Opportunity

With the launch of two reference design products manufactured by Foxconn, we are introducing the Developer Program. These Tablets deliver Best Value-for-Money at their Retail Price Points. Retail Partners in the US, Europe and China are already secured.

These tablets come equipped with a native integration of our desktop-activation solutions right after the Out-of-the-Box set-up screens. These solutions provide an easy way for the end user to personalize their device to their liking. To our partner developers, this means three things:

  • You have the opportunity to be part of the 1st Install Bundle of Apps, whether it's a Free-App or a Paid-App.
  • You have the opportunity to be featured in our recommended Apps, at the Category Level.
  • Your App will get a certain amount of impressions on the Tablet Home Screen. This is function of user preferences, ratings, and category leadership.

The Broader Picture

The launch of our reference Tablets is only a stepping stone in our Developer Program. Our Goal is to provide our Development Partners access to all our key platforms, across as many devices as possible. To do so, we are in the process of providing you with an industry-recognized Standard SDK, as well as APIs into some of our back-end processes.

Fuhu Key Platforms

Fooz Kids 10 Million Reach Per Month

Fooz Kids is a platform that introduces kids between the ages of 3 and 11, to a safe and entertaining digital environment controlled by parents. Features Contents, Social networking features, Video & Mail, Virtual Goods.

urDrive 97 Million Reach Per Year

Fuhu has created a new interface platform designed to transform a Kingston USB drives into an engaging and interactive gateway for consumers. The platform combines featured Apps and Appstore.

Spinlets 100 Million Reach Per Year

A global music store that allows users to discover and download individual tracks and albums across any device. Features: DRM-Free Downloads, Global Content, Top Tier artists , Global support for marketing and promotion.

Fuhu/OSG 40 Million Reach Per Year

We provide an intuitive profiling approach that captures users' interests and preferences, and recommends applications, deals, contents and services best adapted to their needs. It also provides an App Store distribution model, with featured Apps, recommendations, and promotions opportunities.

Millions of Devices

Our current distribution is built across the following three device types, but is expanding to add additional partners in the consumer electronics space (Web TV, STB, Wifi-enabled devices) with an indirect distribution model addressing both leading Retailers and Telecom Operators worldwide.

  • Android Tablets & Smartphones: 40 Million Devices in 2011 in 15 Countries
  • USB Drives: 100 Million Devices in 2011 in 15 Countries
  • Personal Computers: 50 Million Devices in 2011 in 35 countries

Developer Services (Coming Soon)

In the coming months, we will introduce the following features under the Developer Porta:

  • Application management: online management of App Versions, Updates and Verifications.

    This will include a real time workflow update of the application progress through the verification

    process (compatibility requirements with devices)

  • Application reporting and payout management: online analytics reports on downloads, sales

    and trends by category. This will include impression and conversion reports. The reporting

    interface will also provide monthly invoicing reports, including sales tax and country information.

  • Application Support: Q&A, Developer Forum and FAQ

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